Frequently Asked Questions

HollywoodNightclubs.com is a new kind of nightclub booking website. We help you book your spot in the hottest nightclubs in Hollywood, CA. Don’t miss out on the top New Year’s Eve parties in Hollywood and get access to the best clubs and bottle service around!

Got some questions? We have the answer for you:

1. What do you guys do?

HollywoodNightclubs.com acts as a company-based event Promoter, which ensures quality reservations when it comes to the hottest clubs in Hollywood. Not only that, but we work directly with clubs to offer paperless ticketing and more! Get all access to the top New Year’s Eve parties in Hollywood to bring in 2017.

2. Are my transactions secure?

We run our website and application off of secure servers with heavy encryption, ensuring that all of the transactions that are processed through us are extremely secure. Not only that, but all payment processing goes through World-Renowned Authorize.net!

3. How do you make money when you're offering free drinks?

Well, we can’t tell you EXACTLY how we do it, but trust us, we do! We like giving away free stuff, and bringing in good karma. Get amazing deals and bottle service for the hottest New Year’s Eve parties in Hollywood.

4. I don't know how to order on the website. Help me?

Of course! Currently, our team is working on putting together some tutorial videos for each and every user, making this one of the best User-Experiences for Table Reservations ever!!

5. I'm not from Hollywood, but I'd love to see this service locally. HOW DO I GET IT IN MY AREA?

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Calm down! We haven’t forgotten about you!! We’re currently working on the expansion of our business to new and popular locations. If you’re interested in our services being in your area, feel free to contact us letting us know!